Other years it has been available for Android as well -with another name, Instafollow- but since last year, when changing Instagram its use policies, they can not create the update of the Android app. This has been confirmed by Innovatty, the company behind this application.

So, Android users who want their video will have to ask a friend with iOS mobile phone to create the video and then send it to them, so they can upload it to their profile, there is no other option, unless they look for another application.
How do you use your, tell me How to download an Instagram video?
The simple question is how to download an instagram video? well there are many online converters that we can use to download that favorite video from this social platform.
Excellent everything you're making friends, no doubt instagram is evolving, I manage the part of networks of a company and it touches me even how to download instagram videos to upload it to other networks like facebook, twitter, among others.