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Shadow-Casting 'Ghost' In School Baffles Educators
Motion-Activated Camera Videotapes Object

Shadow-casting 'ghost' spotted at school
An unexplained image that triggered a motion detecting surveillance camera and then appeared to cast a shadow as it moved inside a North Carolina high school has baffled educators. The dark object in a human form was caught on camera at Asheville High School at 2:51 a.m. on Aug. 1.

A motion-activated camera was activated for 24 seconds to capture the object. The shape is seen moving across the floor and then above the school elevator.

"That is the coolest thing that I've ever seen," teacher Martha Gietner said. "It looks like a person. It really does. I think it's a ghost." The black image is then seen moving into a lighted hallway and casting a shadow.

Skeptics are having a hard time explaining what could cause a shadow and appear to float in the building.

The director of public relations at Ashville High School, Charlie Glazener, said the video cannot be explained. "I'm a logical person I think and I wanted to be able to these people what it is - it's a bat flying around here and it casts a shadow, but then why is the shadow down here from a different angle and it's not in the shape of a bat?" Glazener said.

Glazener said people said the image appears to be a floating child.

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El segundo es un insecto...